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Structure of NEA

Job markets around the globe, especially those in developing nations such as Cambodia, are generally in an incomplete process because the accuracy and the publication of labour market information are still limited. More importantly, labour market in general fails to ensure that equity is to exist among labourers in vulnerable teams. In this respect, Royal Government of Cambodia has been paying greater attention to improve the process and to generate the effectiveness of labour market as stated in the Rectangular Strategy Phase IIwhich is aimed at promoting economic growth, especially poverty reduction. To order to contribute to achieving the abovementioned objective, the government has established National Employment Agency (NEA) under sub-decree no. 67 RNK.BK dated 27 April 2009 to provide the local residents with employment and labour market services in Cambodia. As a matter of fact, the provision can be described as remarkable contribution to the implementation of the policies on the provision of public service of administration reform programs which are intended to promote quality, efficiency, price rationalization, productivity and reliability of the public services in order to offer conveniences to the service users by having to meet their needs. NEA was established as a Special Operating Agency under the jurisdiction of National Training Boardwith General Department of Technical and Vocational. Education and Training as a headquarter. NEA is to provide quality, efficient employment and labour market information services to:

  • Job seekers
  • Employers
  • Employees
  • Policymakers and providers of training; education and development
  • General public

NEA Top Leader

  • H.E. SOK AN
    Chairman National Training Board(NTB)
    Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of the Council of Minister

    Vice Chairman National Training Board(NTB)
    Secretary of State, Ministry of Labor and Vocational Training

    Head (ranking Director General) National Employment Agency (NEA), National Training Board

Duties and Responsibilities
Coordinate and organize to make possible employment and labour market information; and technical and vocational training services.

  • Effectively provide information services to job seekers, employees, employers, training providers and general public in an open manner to bring together all relevant stakeholders through NEA`s publications and various programs.
  • Study, research and develop labour market information system to proportionally suitthe current and future economic growth.
  • Boost publications on employment, labour market information, technical skills and vocations via NTB`s website and other reliable methods.
  • Cooperate, coordinate with ministries, institutions, development partners and civil society organizations who need labour forces, technical skills and vocations in order to propose feasible recommendations to NTB.
  • Provide accurate labour market information data as a base to assist the government in managing human resource development plan and a working labour market, which is meant to contribute to achieving the strategic target in poverty reduction through education; technical and vocational training; job opportunity offers to the citizens.

Our Vision
NEA`s vision of providing employment and labour market information service is to be a one-window office which contributes to achieving the government`s objective in order to promote effectiveness of labour market; enhance participation the labour market; decrease unemployment; boost growth and opportunity; and eventually reduce poverty.

Our Missions
In order to achieve the abovementioned vision, NEA has to complete the following missions:

  • Effectively provide fundamental employment service such as matching job seekers with job vacancies so to promote the efficacy of labour market.
  • Collect, analyze, and publish labour market information in order to be able to offer employment service effectively; and enlighten policymakers about the information; and provide technical trainings, education and development.
  • Constantly endorse the matching-ups between labour forces and market needs.

Our Objectives
In order to achieve the abovementioned vision and missions, NEA plans to attain the followings in its 3 year plan (2010-2012):

  • Develop and provide employment and labour market information services based on service users needs.
  • Continually raise public awareness of and encourage public usage of NEA`s employment and labour market information services through outreach strategies to service users.
  • Collect and analyze labour market information; and conduct researches into labour market and employment policies.
  • Match and allocate resources effectively to develop institutional and staff capacity in providing efficient services to users and in profiting from the service within a reasonable time length.
  • Embrace able, trained and motivated human resource.

NEA Organizational Chart

វគ្គសិក្សាខ្លីៗ បណ្តុះបណ្តាលវិជ្ជាជីវៈ

សិក្សា​មុខ​ជំនាញ​រយៈ​ពេល​ខ្លី ដោយ​ឥត​បង់​ថ្លៃ នៅ​សាលា​បណ្តុះ​បណ្តាល​វិជ្ជាជីវៈ​រលាំង ខេត្ត​ពោធិ៍សាត់
សិក្សា​មុខ​ជំនាញ​រយៈ​ពេល​ខ្លី ដោយ​ឥត​បង់​ថ្លៃ នៅ​សាលា​បណ្តុះ​បណ្តាល​វិជ្ជាជីវៈ​រលាំង ខេត្ត​ពោធិ៍សាត់
សិក្សាមុខជំនាញរយៈពេលខ្លី ដោយឥតបង់ថ្លៃ ក្នុងខេត្តស្ទឹងត្រែង
សិក្សាមុខជំនាញរយៈពេលខ្លី ដោយឥតបង់ថ្លៃ ក្នុងខេត្តស្ទឹងត្រែង
សិក្សាមុខជំនាញរយៈពេលខ្លី ដោយឥតបង់ថ្លៃ ក្នុងខេត្តពោធិ៍សាត់
សិក្សាមុខជំនាញរយៈពេលខ្លី ដោយឥតបង់ថ្លៃ ក្នុងខេត្តពោធិ៍សាត់
សិក្សាមុខជំនាញរយៈពេលខ្លី ដោយឥតបង់ថ្លៃ
សិក្សាមុខជំនាញរយៈពេលខ្លី ដោយឥតបង់ថ្លៃ
សិក្សាមុខជំនាញរយៈពេលខ្លី ដោយឥតបង់ថ្លៃ
សិក្សាមុខជំនាញរយៈពេលខ្លី ដោយឥតបង់ថ្លៃ

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Thank-you Letter

“ When I went there, I read job announcement on the board, and then I spoke to the job center staff to get more information. The staff helped me write my CV and apply for work. Many people were interviewed, but I got it.”

.My name is Sou Bunheng, age 23. Currently, I am working at a representative office of Panasonic Cambodia. I am more than happy for that fact that NEA provided me with a chance to get interviewed at Panasonic, which marked the starting point of my career path as it came to light.


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08 COMMUNICATION 1.136 71.3 69.5 69.2 -0.5 -2.9 0.0 0.0
09 RECREATION AND CULTURE 2.912 105.1 108.9 110.9 1.8 5.5 0.0 0.1
10 EDUCATION 1.174 146.1 156.6 158.7 1.3 8.6 0.0 0.1
11 RESTAURANTS 5.861 200.1 212.8 214.5 0.8 7.2 0.1 0.6
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